Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Copper Nest Ring with Pearl and Evening Class Musings

This ring is part of my recent work. Nest rings are so gratifying to make, they look really good and you can vary them in many ways. Copper was an unexpected success, I love the way the oxidised copper looks after I polish it to bring out the highlights.

I'm off to my silversmithing class again tonight. It's a very loose setup, since all the other "pupils" have been doing this for different lengths of time and they all have different goals. I'm not sure what my goals are. Practice soldering so that I can keep on soldering after the semester's over. Learning basic cab setting. Maybe the Swedish evening class (studiecirkel) is not the format for what I need - I think I need more technique and knowledge, instead I have a three hour period every week to freely do what I like. That's not a bad thing at all, but it may not be the thing I need to develop the skills I want. Oh well, I'll bring my new cabs tonight and see if I can get some help with learning how to set them. I somewhat regret buying them so small - 5 and 6 mm.