Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I may be a bit early in wishing you a Merry Christmas, but since I have been very slow in writing new posts and posting pictures lately, this may well be the last post before Christmas. So here's a Christmas post, including a pendant I'm sending to someone as a Christmas surprise! I'm pretty sure she's not expecting it :-)

Apart from making gifts, I've lately been working on a wholesale collection for a former colleague of mine. She’s a Weight Watchers leader (yes, I used to work there…) thinking of adding a simple line of jewellery to her product mix. I think it’s a brilliant idea, since WW often encourages the clients to indulge themselves in other things besides food.

I’m also working on something else that I hope I will be able to finalise after the New Year. More on that later!

I just have to add, I’m reading the latest Elizabeth George novel, Careless in Red. She is such a brilliant writer! I read too late into the night, just to see what will happen next.