Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yay! I just ordered a new camera!

A couple of months back, my camera went up in smoke - literally! Since then, I have had a hard time taking decent pictures of my jewellery. But today, I ordered a new one! I really, really look forward to it! Not only for the jewellery, but for taking pictures of my family as well.

Now, here's a picture I managed to take: A silver bracelet with facetted crystal quartz nuggets, a Fair Trade Hill Tribe fish bead and Fair Trade fine silver hammered rings. I love this simple look!


  1. Yes, the bracelet is simply beautiful! And congratulations on the camera, I know how important they are! ~Sharon

  2. Thank you both!

    The camera arrived today (fast!) and I have already tried it out. It's a Canon Power Shot similar to my old, familiar one.